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Automatic beer Glass bottle Filling machine
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Application:  water, soda water, juice,carbonated drinks, CSD, cola, soda water, energy drinks, kvass, beer, etc.

Containers applied for:  glass bottle

Filling system: gravity orisobaric filling

Production capacity: 3,000BPH– 24,000BPH (500ml)
Technical features of glass bottle filling machine
l  The top-chain conveyor is directly connected with infeed screw. 

l  High speed line adopts bottle clamps to transfer the bottle. It makes work much easier when bottle size is

l  By 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 monoblock, the bottle goes through (rinsing), filling and capping with little abrasion, and the transferring is stable, bottle change is easier.

l  The high speed line is of ring type pressure bearing pneumatic cylinder.

l  High speed and large flow filling valve assures the high filling speed and exact fluid level.

l  Spares contact with the liquid are all of excellent stainless steel or food level plastic. The electric system is of international brand and achieves the national food sanitary standard.

l  The bottle-out starwheel is of screwdown shape. When bottle size is changed, there is no need to adjust the transferring chain’s height.
Technical parameter:  
Model RGZ-G12-12-6 RGZ-G18-18-6 RGZ-G24-24-8 RGZ-G32-32-8
Production Capacity(600ml)(b/h) 2000 3000-3500 4500-5500 7500-9500
Way of Filling gravity filling technology
Filling Precision Liquid level from the bottle≤5mm
Feedback Consumption ≤10%
Polyester Bottle Standard(mm) (Bottle Diameter)50-92;(Height):150-310
Suitable Cap Shape (Plastic Screw Cap)
Water Pressure of Washing Bottle(Mpa) 0.18
Water Consumption for Water Bottle(Kg/h) 800 1600 2500 3500
Gas Source Pressure(Mpa) 0.6
Gas Consumption(m3/min) 0.3 0.3 0.4 0.5
Total Power(kW) 5.88 6.68 7.68 9.18
Total Weight(Kg) 2500 3000 4000 5000
Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 2300×1550×2200 2640×1600×2200 3250×2150×2250 3600×2200×2250

1.Bottles are delivered by suspension type clip bottle mouth conveying structure (except bottle out star wheel) bottle in adopts air conveying device in the bottle washing station with flexible bottleneck clamp clamping so that machine is more stable during operation reliable high-speed operation to adapt to the requirements of the machine. Simply adjust the conveyor of different bottle height and a small amount of change attachment so for bottle faster and effort.  

2. Filling machine uses normal pressure filling technology is filling fast reliable non-drip level accuracy. The machine has no bottle no filling characteristics.

3.Juice Filling Machine:Cap arranging device ensure the cover arrange speed no damage to the cover surface. Comprehensive testing device can guarantee no bottle no cover lack of cover down full cover without cover conveying of functions.  

4. The Juice Filling Machine main electrical pneumatic components are imported components.

5. The frequency changing technology is used to adjust the operation speed. The production capacity can be displayed digitally and can be adjusted conveniently.
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