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Automatic Juice/Milk Filling machine
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RFC-H series filling machines are designed especially for bottling synthetic juices (RTS) or HOT filled juices, tea (filled at up to 98 centigrade degrees), with optional capacity ranging from 1000BPH to 26000BPH, it adopts the pressure & rotative filling style.

Application: juice, milk, vitamin drinks, functional beverage with particles, flesh, pulp, fruit pieces,etc.

Suitable for: PET bottles with all volumes and shapes

Filling system: gravity filling

Production capacity: 2,000BPH–26,000BPH (500ml)
RXGGF series 4-in-1 hot filling monoblock is composed of rinser, pulp fillerhot filler and capper, which adopts and absorbs advanced technology and is manufactured according to juice beverage with flesh production technical requirement. It uses Sunswell’s measure cup filling method for pulp and hot filling valve for filling method.
Equipment structure of pulp filling machine
l  Rack
l  Rotary rinser
l  Rotary pulp filler
l  Rotary liquid filler / piston filler
l  Rotary capper
l  Bottle infeed and outfeed system
l  Control 
This beverage filling machine integrates washing filling and capping into one unit. It can be used for purified and mineral water filling. Also can used for hot beverages such as fruit juice tea drink etc. The machine also can be used for carbonated drinks.

Features present are as under
1. Centre filling valves used which are designed for maximum flow rate and minimum bottle distortion during HOT filling.
2. Inbuilt CIP arrangement provided on the machine for fill tank and fill valve sanitation.
3. Dummy caps provided fitting on all filling valves during CIP.
4. Automatic PLC controlled valve washing cycle before commencement of every production cycle for overall hygiene.
5. Unique filling cam designs which prevents filling up to the bottle collar without spillage.
6. Bypass line provided for flushing the product fill tank after completion of CIP
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